Saturday, September 1, 2012

:Pixel Snobs: Top Shelf Style Hunt

 Pixel Snobs Presents Top Shelf Style Hunt! Starting Today!
50 different store's all with unique items! It's time to Hunt! 
Don't forget to join the hunt group! it will be updated constanly threw out the hunt! secondlife:///app/group/76bb3aac-f5f2-8440-fadb-8ebf6d5f848c/about (Please copy and past into local)

And now...the stores!

1    :Pixel Snobs:
-Hint: Sit back and relax while you sip on your pink martini

2    :MeSH:iT:
-Hint: Don't forget you're party shoes!

3    RAWR! Mainstore
-Hint: Dont drink and teleport ;)

4    Xclusives Animations
-Hint: But I'm wondering where my prize could be.
There seems to be many things sitting in the BEDROOM
What's that behind the DAYBED with PLUTONIUM?

5    Grumble
-Hint: I hear Ana has some funky hair!

6    Sugar & Cyanide
-Hint: I'm probably right where I should be

7    Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
See hint giver

8    LiL MiSS

9    DivaLicious
-Hint: Dont be RECKLESS, its not too hard to find

10    Lillou's Designs
-Hint: Eve had an illumination.

11    Simply Magik
-Hint: Have a seat

12    Tree House Treasures
Please see hint box for the latest hint

13    Circus Noir
-Hint:I should quit smoking!

14    Vero Modero
-Hint: Some people say we can only dream at night,i think we can dream all day long


16    Fierce Designs
-Hint: Go On, make me an offer...

17    Eric's Art Gallery

18    *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM
-Hint: "Window.."

-Hint: What'll  it be?

20    Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
-Hint: Apple of your eye?

21    Dressed by Lexi
-Hint: Your boyfriend never looked this good!

22    blah.BLAH.blah
-Hint: If I take alot of pictures of myself make me a 'pixel snob'

23    Chameleon Designs   **SKIPPED**

24    Bootgasm
-Hint: Freebie shopping is not just for fun, but can be a real fetish!!!

25    BagLady Design
-Hint: All hands on deck-follow pink arrows

26    Egoxentrikax
-Hint:  "I love the New "

27    ~Shadow Moon~
-Hint: Grab a book and relax a while

28    SR Leatherwerkx for Creators
Hint in hint giver located beside hunt sign

29    Galleria Designs
-Hint: behind the pink pumps

30    PondLife By Eladon   Next Lm not correct
-Hint:Have a picnic and kiss a butterfly !

31    *RA* Muebles
-Hint: Pour yourself a drink .....

32    ^^Moulliez   **SKIPPED**

33    Sleeks Couture
-Hint: I belong to Tracy but could belong to you.

34    Elegance by Elysa
-Hint: looks at the world through rose-colored glass

35    Exquisite Jewellery
-Hint: Isn't that a hamster?

36    .:*Connaught Empire*:.
-Hint: "Rum for pirates and sailors"

37    Kizarma   **SKIPPED**

38    C.H. Fine Art Gallery
-Hint: Water water everywhere

-Hint: Why not take a look at the sales

40    ZERO COOL Designz

41    NUTS Inc
-Hint: 3/4 oz creme de noyaux - 3/4 oz white creme de cacao - 1 1/2 oz heavy cream... Do you know what I am? Find me and you will find the gift!

-Hint: "Oh I love petites!"

43    Charisma Designs
-Hint: Follow it to the end, and see what you find. Nope, its not a pot! Here have a drink on me.

44    Amulet
-Hint: Cuddle up by the fire, Dear.

45    Brent's Book Nook
-Hint: Find me hiding with the Full Perm Galaxy textures

46    Sleepy Hollow Farms Home & Garden Designs
-Hint: What a wise old bird

47    PQD
-Hint: Martini's are always better with ICE

48    Stone's Works
-Hint: Find the Winged Creature that Bears Your Gift!

49    Raucous
-Hint: No inspection is complete until you check the spare!

50 THE PUMPKIN HEAD  **SKIPPED** item not set for sale correctly

51  [dirty.little.secret]
Due to the changes made in a full perm kit creators TOS this store was unable to offer their gift for 0L but would like it available for all hunters at a discount price.

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